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Top 3 Reasons to Start Using Video NOW!

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Reason #1 The truth is when video is done right video converts period!

Video is the hottest marketing tool currently available because it is the next best thing to being there. To truly be successful in business we need to build relationships and video will help you do that better and faster.

Reason #2 There are now 3 BILLION YouTube VIEWS EACH DAY!

3 Billion with a capital B! It’s hard to even comprehend. And Every minute 35 hours worth of video is being uploaded to YouTube, not to mention all the other online video hosting sites out there and video shared on mobile phones is growing by the day.

What does this mean? People LOVE video!
Plus you can use it so many ways from your website to text messaging and email even your print material.

Reason #3 Video can help you Become the Ultimate Industry Expert

The business owner who is out there in front of the wave consistenty sharing his or her message is seen as an “Industry Expert”.

These are the people that we turn to for reliable information about a product or service . You can and should become that industry Expert. Odds are you already are but too few people know it. maybe the people that come into your office know it. But how can you get your message infront of the masses?

You guessed it ~ Video!

The Internet has created a platform for all of us to share our talents and it is incredibly powerful. You can reach hundreds, thousands even millions of people without ever leaving your home or office. Imagine capturing your expertise on a series of videos then loading them into our auto-pliot marketing machine so that you can be delivering them to the masses with just a couple of clicks.

Now I call that easy!

Video is truly scalable so it can be like cloning yourself….the best part of yourself. As someone is watching your video you can be meeting with other clients or even on vacation. How cool is that!

Ok, I could go on and on, as I love video but those are my top three for today. Bottom line I would love to help you succeed with your very own video marketing strategy just give me a call for a free strategy session.

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